Be a part of the SJSD's first unconference!

June 7th, 8:00am to 3:00pm at the Webster Learning Center

What in the world is an "unconference?"

That's a better question that you might even think, for the answer isn't perfectly simple. The word itself seems to suggest something other than a conference. However, that may be a bit misleading. An unconference IS a conference. The main difference: this one is crowdsourced. In other words, the participants run the show from start to finish.

The unconference phenomenon is not limited to education. However, EduBloggerCon and others like EdCamp Philly are two examples of educational unconferences that are on the upswing. Last November, EdCampKC brought this format into our region and was attended by about ten SJSD teachers and administrators. Walking away that day I received comments along the lines of: "That was great. I'd like to do it again. Why can't we do this in our own district?" And so here we are together.

This page will soon include more detail, but until that time, here is a quick rundown: 1) Bring your laptop. 2) Arrive with something you'd like to share or an issue you think several might like some help working through. 3) From 8:00am until 9:00am there will be a meet and greet over coffee with a blank session board where you and your fellow attendees can post session titles. 4) The session board will be a grid of sixteen squares. In other words, you'll have four choices during each of four concurrent sessions throughout the day. 5) If and when you find yourself in a situation where you re neither learning nor contributing, you must apply Harrison Owen's "Law of Two Feet" to find either another session, or even less formal exchanges with other professionals in the halls and open spaces. 6) Though this isn't a "tech" conference, many innovators tend to flock to events of this format. This is a good day to pick up some tech tips and tricks to add to your toolbelt along the way.

traditional conference
basic organization
concurrent sessions
concurrent sessions
sessions arranged well in advance and are vetted by small groups of conference administrators
sessions arranged over coffee and conversation during the first hour of the conference
program selection
vetted by a relatively small group of conference administrators
sessions are based on the immediate needs, interests, strengths and passions of the pool of attendees
session leader's role
sessions tend to be based on expertise of the presenter
sessions can often be based on a facilitator's "burning question" of practice
typically formal
trends more toward informal and conversational
neckties & heels
shorts & flip flops
resulting fun quotient
uhmmm, in general... good luck.
smiles abound

Unconference Topics

Please add any links or resources to your cell in the table below!

the "U"
the "Wooden Room"
9:00 - 9:55 AM
Embracing Visual Literacy - Sean Nash
Edmodo, 24/7 Learning, Digital Textbooks, etc.
Backchannel Tools in the Classroom - Mimi Jones
Session Recap... Click Here
10:00 - 10:55 AM
Flipping the Classroom & 5 Minutes with Sean - Michael Gier
How to Develop Online Collaborate Projects - Terri Johnson
Information Literacy, Digital Literacy, Transliteracy - Melissa Corey
Great site for educators: Teach Info Literacy and Critical Thinking
11:00 - 11:55 AM
Writing with Technology & Digital Tools
Mac Tips & Tricks - Safari, Mail, System - Rusty Schneeflock
Easy Ways to "Podcast" in the Classroom - Mimi Jones
Session Recap... Click Here

Web 2.0 Smackdown Tools

Our Web 2.0 tools smackdown was held during lunch. The following are tools and links shared by our presenters.

Start groups with the people already in your contacts. When you send a message, everyone instantly receives it. It’s like a private chat room that works on any phone. Can be used with or without a smartphone.
Online storage and collaboration via the Zoho system, including docs, wikis, mail, and more. Allows for notebooks to be created, added, commented on, clipped into, etc.
Google Chrome
Google's proprietary web browser, allowing for support of HTML 5 as well as integration with a number of add-ons and services.
Sound Cloud
SoundCloud is a platform that puts your sound at the heart of communities, websites and even apps. Watch conversations, connections and social experiences happen, with your sound as the spark.
Get Running App
A beginner's running app with voice coaching during a run, including minute and second cues.
Txtot app
Sends scheduled, pre-composed text messages at a specified time. Great for reminders, clubs, and meetings.
A notetaking app available for various platforms and available as an online, browser-based version. Allows you to take images, text, notes, etc. and save them to notebooks which can be shared.
A service allowing you to schedule meetings by a grid in which collaborators can highlight times when they are available for a group meeting.
A social bookmarking site which includes the ability to annotate and highlight webpages as well as create groups for sharing links.
Flubaroo is a script that you can install in Google Docs which allows you to create self-grading quizzes via Google Forms at the click of a button.
Tagxedo is a tag cloud generator which allows user more control over the shape and look of their tag cloud than past word cloud generators.
A QR (quick response) code generator in which users can include a link (or phone number or SMS or other content) to create a copyable QR code at the click of a button.
An online document storage site with a slick reading interface. Pronounced the same as "issue."
AASL Top 25 Sites for Teaching and Learning
An annual list released by the American Association of School Librarians with 25 categorized websites for use in the classroom.
Jog The Web
A site at which users can create a sequential "web jog" of a sequence of websites or other online content.
A site which searches the "deep web" for hidden or hard to find information on people.
A highly detailed white pages site used to find online information about yourself.
A service which connects your Twitter account with Delicious, Diigo, and other bookmarking services to save links you tweet and retweet.
A site for the Newseum news museum in Washington, DC (not Philadelphia) providing great online news content, including a selection of front pages from U.S. newspapers.
Daily Infographic
A site providing a new and interesting infographic every day.
A digital storytelling tool that allows users to combine pictures and sound to create 3D storybooks.
An online, collaborative pinboard, inspiration board, cataloging site.
Multisource video news analysis on the web and via apps on every platform. Analyzes news clips from major outlets for a balanced, unbiased perspective on current events.
Google Ngrams
A project from Google Labs allowing you to search for words or trends throughout the corpus of literature from different languages over a period of time to analyze trends. Also links to results in Google Books.
A mixed media digital production site allowing users to create their own virtual books mixing text and video and allowing for these to be published and/or sold via iTunes.
A site allowing you to easily create a digital storybook combining art and text.
GigaPan Time Machine
A project that contains various time lapse examples using large datasets with instructions for how to make your own. A little technical but interesting. Must be used with Chrome Browser.
Body Browser
A project from Google Labs allowing you to drill down into various body systems. Must be used with Chrome Browser.
A site which allows you to instantly stream live video from a webcam and share it with others.
An online food diary app with an easy calorie counter.
Safari Reader
A built-in feature in Safari browser which allows you to download articles or webpages minus images/ads and save them for printing/sharing as PDFs.
Mac application
An application included with Macs that has a number of hidden features, including the smart lasso and alpha tools for image manipulation.
Mac application
An application included with Macs that allows for easy manipulation of text and images.
Collage Creator
An app available from the Mac app store which allows for creative and easy collage creation from photos on your computer.
An online bookmarking and sharing site allowing you to organize your content and links into pearls that can be arranged and shared with others.
Tableau Public
A free online data visualization tool allowing you to create interactive visualizations and share them via embed.
App which allows users to digitize paper simply by taking a photo with their iPhone and then saving or printing the image as a PDF.

SJSD Unconference Highlight Video

Highlights of the day via still photos from Sean Nash and Brent Corey, edited in Animoto by Brent Corey:

Web 2.0 Smackdown Livestream Archive

Hear our presenters showcase their Web 2.0 tools and applications!

Video streaming by Ustream

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