What Should Students (and their network connections) Know and Be Able to Do?

Read Tony Wagner's article Rigor Redefined from the October 2008 issue of Educational Leadership, What Would Socrates Say? by Peter Cookson from the September 2009 issue, and this post on the Google Blog.

Essential Questions
  • Take a look at the seven survival skills that Wagner postulates and the four elements of a 21st Century Mind from Cookson through the lens of your classroom. How does your classroom do on those seven skills and four elements?
  • Pick three of the skills/elements and brainstorm ways to strengthen their presence in your classroom.
  • Are you educating for the routine or the novel? If "in the real world . . . the answers to the odd-numbered problems are not in the back of the textbook [and] the tests are all open book" and "Learning . . . is a lifelong major," what specific techniques are you using in your classroom to address this?

After we read and discuss, here is a spot for our shared reflections.