How Do We Help Our Students Create Their Own Personal Learning Networks?

I. Read Kansas State Professor Michael Wesch's blog post (and later watch some of his videos (A Vision of Students Today, The Machine is Using Us, and Information Revolution). Also later watch Wendy Drexler's Networked Student). Then read Stephanie Sandifer's Shift Happens, Now What? and Will Richardson's What Do You Mean By Learning?

Essential Questions
  • Is it important to bring meaning and significance into the classroom?
  • Do you think the way students portrayed themselves in these videos is fairly accurate for today’s student?
  • How can we leverage the “networked” student, and the technological tools we have at our disposal, to empower our students to pursue real, relevant, and rigorous questions?
  • How do we help students create their own Personal Learning Networks?
  • What steps are you going to make to create your own PLN?
  • Which of the suggestions in Shift Happens – Now What? resonates with you, and how can you go about implementing them?

II. Read (well, okay, skim, lots of resources here) David Truss's Open Educator Manifesto, Lyn Hilt's Becoming the Lead Learner, and Adjusting the Prescription.

Essential Questions
  • How can you - and your students - be more open, transparent, collaborative and social?
  • As the "lead learner" (in your school or in your classroom), how can you best model being a transparent learner for your students?
  • How do we foster a learning environment that is more individualized and less one-size fits all?

After we read and discuss, here's a spot for our shared reflections.