Welcome to an engaging week of learning.

Prepare for a week of deep, participatory learning unlike anything you have likely experienced at any sort of organized conference event. The sidebar to the right houses all of the information and resources you need to attend one of all days of EdWeek. See this post for even more information about the week. Of all of the things this week has going for it, two rise up above the rest:

  1. We are lucky to be hosting some really dynamic and visionary learners and leaders to facilitate these sessions. I cannot wait to introduce you to each of these people. Each of them are not only professionals with a wealth of expertise to share, and tough questions to explore... but they are some of the most humble and personable professionals you'll meet.
  2. Format is everything. You will not run the length of an exhibit hall from hour-long session to hour-long session. During each day of EdWeek, we will be able to work for an entire day in each session with a single consultant. This setup will allow us to explore topics is far greater depth, experience a more conversational type of learning, and actually work with (as opposed to merely see or hear) the new learning prior to leaving for the day. In short, this strategy brings the very best possible elements of a conference directly to you.


Can opt-in PD work in the Summer months? We're proving that it can locally with this format. Much in the same way we expect it for our children, we owe it to our staff to provide differentiated opportunities for learning and development. Consider this week a squirt of gasoline onto the fire of those members our staff who are ready to push forward with innovation.

Some of my first experiences in a similar format are thanks to Elizabeth Helfant at MICDS for welcoming me to Missouri's East Coast during many summer days of learning a few years ago. The lineup we have for this week of opt-in professional learning is also thanks in part to collaboration from our Curriculum & Instruction team, Jaime, Cheri, & Brian. What are you waiting for? Click the links to the right to see our sessions in detail and register...


*Image credit: "Reach" by James Jordan on Flickr.